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EU trends and requirements

For several years we have been observing the intensification of pro-ecological activities in practically all areas of our lives. Weather anomalies caused by the greenhouse effect already affect most of the inhabitants of our globe, activating societies to take actions to protect our environment. This trend also applies to hotel cosmetics and fancy accessories used in hotels.

One of the main environmental problems noticed in the hotel industry is the excessive use of plastic.

So what to do to limit this phenomenon?

The solution that can be used here and in line with the pro-ecological trend is the use of packaging made of BIODEGRADABLE plastics. They are based on mixtures of artificial polymers and polymers of natural, plant origin. Polymers made of sugars, starch, plant parts such as straw, bran - are easily biodegradable under the influence of the environment.

Thus, we start to use packaging, the composition of which is biodegradable plant material in the amount of about 30% -40% and the remaining part, e.g. low-pressure polyethylene, which is a material that can be 100% fully recyclable.

These materials are also used to make hotel accessories, including bathing caps, toothbrushes, razors, combs and shoe cleaners. Packed in cardboard boxes made of recycled paper, they are a good environmental solution.

What about the cosmetics themselves?

Here, the trend is definitely towards replacing synthetic raw materials with natural or natural products (they are classified by the ISO 16128 standard). Plant-derived foaming bases (sugar cane glucosides, sugar beet glucosides) - replacing petroleum-based detergents (SLES, SLS) are already available today. Also, synthetic fragrances are replaced by aromatic plant oils (lemon, orange, lavender oils, etc.). The most important nutritional additives are vegetable fats: shea butter, almond butter, sea buckthorn oil, and linseed oil.

By using these solutions, we not only act in accordance with the prevailing pro-ecological trend,
but most of all we actively participate in the fight for our environment.